We Put Litter in its Place

We pick up residential and commercial trash and recycling


Trash Collection

We offer convenient reliable Trash pickup services.  Our trash collection containers consist of Toter Bins, 2, 4 or 6 Yard Rear Load Dumpsters. 

Recycling Services

■ Empty aerosol cans

■ All paper including newspapers, telephone books,

catalogs, books, magazines and glossy inserts

■ Corrugated cardboard boxes (broken down/flattened)

■ Glass, aluminum, bimetal, ferrous and steel food

and beverage containers

■ Metal and plastic coat hangers

■ Plastic drinking cups/glasses and flower pots

■ Narrow-neck containers with plastic resin code

identification numbers 1 through 7 (no motor oil


■ Wax-coated (aseptic) boxes such as frozen food

packaging, milk cartons and juice boxes

■ Wide-mouth containers such as peanut butter,

yogurt, mayonnaise, and whipped topping;

margarine/butter tubs; and prescription bottles

Bulky Trash Collection

Acceptable Materials

■ Furniture

■ Refrigerators (Tape the doors shut for safety reasons.)

■ Washing machines and dryers

■ Hot water heaters

■ Lawn mowers (Remove the gas from the tank and

drain the oil.)

■ Other large materials or furniture items generated

in the household

■ Tires (Limit 4; no truck tires.)

■ Carpet (The limit is 324 sq.ft., rolled and tied on ends.)

Unacceptable Materials

The following items are not acceptable for Bulky

Trash Collection: tree stumps, tree trunks, auto parts,

building or construction materials, fencing, sheds,

yard waste, all liquids, hazardous waste, regular

household trash, glass, mirrors and wood (unless it

is a piece of furniture).

Trash Is What You Make, Trash Is What We Take